It is the first publication in Spanish in North Carolina since 1991, being founded in 1989 in the city of New Jersey.

Progreso Hispano News has been in contact with the growing Hispanic population since the beginning when only an estimated 6,000 Hispanics were estimated to live in the city of Charlotte in 1993. Being the first publication in Spanish has allowed us to be the written media by predilection in our community achieving the appreciation and estimation of our content in the newspaper.

The diverse Hispanic community has made very significant contributions to the economic growth of this country and especially in the states of North Carolina and South Carolina. Progreso Hispano News connects directly with the Hispanic family to effectively communicate the advertising messages of the Hispanic community. At Progreso Hispano News we cover the news with professionalism, without the use of sensational headlines, maintaining the veracity of the news at all times.

The Hispanic population in the New York area alone is very close to reaching 3.5 million, while in the Carolinas the population is very close to 1.1 million but there is now a strong migration of Hispanics from other parts of the US to the Carolinas due to various factors among which we can mention: the many stable employment opportunities, a more pleasant climate and a lower crime rate which makes our print medium and digital as the ideal medium to get all your communication pieces to a growing number of readers.

our circulation

Nowadays Progreso Hispano News has a monthly circulation, in the states of North Carolina and part of South Carolina. When our advertisers publish in Progreso Hispano News we can ensure that they will get the best results, because we reach a true fast-growing market.

We hope that you enjoy each of our publications and that very soon we can collaborate in the growth of your business and brand so that you can successfully achieve all the expected objectives within your company.